Frequently Asked Questions

Our Belief: The best approach to service is to reduce the need for it

  • Hardware/software teams based at Seattle "Experience Development Center".
  • Large dedicated engineering/tester teams.
  • Hardware testing began in 2008.
  • First "test club" installation took place in November 2009.




Q: What is P80 console "registration"?
A: P80 console registration is the operation that is done on the P80 that communicates its specific information and location to PBS. Without registration the P80 will not be listed in the PBS "Networked Equipment" list.

Q: Can I put my own custom images on the P80 console?
A: The images on the various pages of the console are part of the P80 console's software and cannot be changed at this time.

Q: Can I switch out a P80 console from a Treadmill onto an Elliptical?
A: Not at this time since each P80 console is configured for a specific type of machine (Treadmill, AMT, Elliptical, Bike), and is not cross-compatible.

Q: How do I install the P80 software on my equipment?
A: Depending on your networking status the software is installed 2 different ways. If your site is networked, the P80 will download and install software updates "remotely" and nothing will need to be done on the individual units. If your site is not networked, the P80 software will need to be downloaded and installed "manually" on each P80 console via USB. If you need to install software manually, call Precor Technical Support and a NetFit Support team member will be dispatched to service your site.

Q: I'm looking for the P80 serial number, where can I find it?
A: The P80 serial number can be found in 2 places.

  1. In the rear of the P80 console, under the plastic access cover is a barcode sticker with the P80 serial number printed on it.
  2. Within the P80 console:
    • While holding the pause button, single press the channel up, volume down, volume up, channel down.
    • Enter the Customer Admin password.
    • Navigate to Settings » About » and find the P80 "Console Serial Number" listed, along with other useful information.

Q: The touchscreen on my P80 seems to not respond to touch or behaves erratically, what can I do?
A: The P80 screen may need to be calibrated using the following steps:

Note: To ensure the proper calibration make sure you are standing directly in front of the P80 console and not holding on to the console or any other part of the machine until the calibration is complete.

  1. While holding the pause button, single press the channel up, channel down, volume down, volume up.
  2. The screen will go blank except for a single "plus" sign that indicates where to touch the screen.
  3. Touch the screen once for each "plus" sign that appears (4 corners and center of the screen). The welcome screen will appear once the calibration is complete.

Q: How does the "previous channel" button work on the P80?
A: In order for the console to register a channel change, the change must be done by the physical channel buttons below the touch screen. Changing channels from the "TV Channels" console menu item will not register the change.



Q: How do I automatically scan tv channels on the P80?
A: The P80 "Channel Scan" is done through the following steps

  1. While holding the pause button, single press the channel up, volume down, volume up, channel down.
  2. Enter the Customer Admin password.
  3. Navigate to System Settings » TV Settings » Channel Guide and press the "Scan" button
  4. Once the scanning process is complete, press the "Back" button to exit to the "Welcome" screen.
  5. Reboot the P80 on any unit a scan is run. The P80 is now ready to watch.

Q: The Cable company has changed the channel line-up in the club what can I do?
A: The P80 consoles will need to have the channels re-scanned (see steps above) in order for them to pick-up the new channel line-up (see also "manage settings" below).

Q: I have channels scanned and named on one P80 console - can I clone these settings to another P80 at the same location.
A: Yes, the "manage settings" feature allows for the channels names and numbers to be exported to a USB stick and imported onto another P80 console (this will only work on P80 consoles that have the same software version and at the same physical location)


Q: I can't browse the web from my P80, what can i do?
A: turn on web browsing in the Preva Net panel

  1. While holding the pause button, single press the channel up, volume down, volume up, channel down.
  2. Enter the Customer Admin password.
  3. Navigate to System Settings » Display » "Internet Browser Access", and "Preva Net Panel" should both be turned on.

Q: My P80 won't stay connected to my network, what can I do?
A: Try the following to solve the problem or find the cause of the network issue:

  • If all P80 consoles are unable to connect to the internet, you may need to call your internet service provider (ISP) and see if there are any outages affecting your area.
  • If it's a limited number of units, inspect both ends of the network cable at each P80 and make sure each end locks into place. Look for damage along the network cable, and replace the whole cable if you suspect that the cable might be at fault.
  • Reboot or reset each P80 console by cycling or unplugging the power (Newer units use the reset switch on the back of the P80 console).

Q: Is "questionable" content blocked on the P80?
A: Precor does not block content on the P80, PBS or Preva net - If content blocking is required it will need to be done via the club network.



Q: I noticed that Preva Business Suite (PBS) reports the status of each of my machines (In use, Idle, Inspect, Silent), what do these mean?
A: The "Network Equipment" list displays the registered equipment at your site along with the current status of each P80 console which may be one of the following.

  • Idle - Not currently in use
  • In use - A user has initiated a workout on this particular unit.
  • Inspect - A specific condition has been detected that the P80 Console is designed to alert PBS*
  • Silent - A unit is not communicating with PBS at all**
  • Out of service - Machine requires attention (see Network related troubleshooting in the web browser section).

*The most common conditions for "inspect" status are treadmills with the stop switch engaged and other maintenance related issues.
** A silent unit can sometimes become active just by simply re-plugging the network cable into the wall and/or restarting the unit.



Q: How do I sign up for a Preva Business Suite (PBS) account?
A: The initial account is setup for you by Precor once the order for your P80 equipment is processed. The username and password will be sent to you via email. Login to your PBS location page to create as many additional accounts as needed.

Q: How do I reset or retrieve a forgotten PBS password?
A: The "Forgot Password?" feature in PBS does not work at this time. Resetting your password is done by calling Precor Technical Support and having a NetFit Support team member reset it manually (which will require that you have access to your email for account confirmation purposes).

Q: I tried to add an account, but the system told me that my email address was already in use? What do I do?
A: Each account must have a unique email address associated with it, if the same email address is entered for multiple accounts the system may still consider that email address as being "in use". If you have multiple accounts (e.g. a Service Tech must have an account for each club) a unique email address must be used for each location.



Q: Can I track what my exercisers are clicking on when browsing the internet?
A: Precor does not collect information on an individual's web browsing habits at this time. If tracking is required it must be done via the club network.

Q: How can I rename my fitness equipment (change the "friendly" name) as it appears in PBS?
A: Entering and changing the "friendly" name can only be done via the P80 console during registration. To register (or re-register) a unit call Precor Technical Support and having a NetFit Support team member help with this process.

Q: How can I see a list of my equipment with serial numbers and equipment details?
A: Login into your PBS account and select the following:

  • To see a list with serial numbers, click on "Networked Equipment", which will display a list of units with Status, Model, Display Serial Number, Base Serial Number.
  • To see the equipment details, click on the equipment name which displays specific information for that unit, such as serial number, odometer reading and other metrics.

Q: Can I match up a machine out on the floor with units listed in PBS?
A: If the "friendly" name is not known for a particular unit the serial number can be used to identify it. Because the friendly names are entered when installing (at the time of initial registration) be sure to communicate with the equipment installer if you have a specific naming requirement or specification.



Q: I want to add/delete a RSS feed, how long does it take for the individual P80's to update?
A: Updates to the custom RSS feed list can take up to an hour to propagate to all the P80's.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of feeds I can add to a custom list?
A: You can add up to 20 feeds in the custom list.

Q: How can I create/edit/find help for my RSS feed creation software?
A: Precor supports the RSS feeds displayed on the P80 and custom list creation, but does not manufacture or support the software for creating the feed (e.g. Blogger, other blog software, etc.). Contact the manufacturer of the software you use for help with those features.

Q: Can I track how many times my RSS feeds have been read?
A: Precor does not collect information on an individual"s RSS Feed access at this time. If tracking is required it must be done via the feed creation site or software.

Q: What blogging software does the P80 support for feed creation.
A: Although in general Precor doesn't recommend 3rd party software we have found "Blogger" to perform the best for use with the P80 console.