Customer Evidence

Top fitness facilities around the globe chose Preva networked fitness solutions from Precor. Preva has the industry's largest networked fitness platform with thousands of networked units in thousands of sites worldwide.


Arizona State University
The largest networked installation in the world, ASU boasts over 200 pieces of Precor networked cardio equipment. See how ASU, a leader in university health and wellness, partners with Precor to integrate Preva into wellness programs and health initiatives such as the Pac-12 Conference Fitness Challenge and Microsoft HealthVault.

This family-owned, full-service gym in Burnie, Tasmania integrated Preva technology throughout its business. Find out how HealthGlo uses Preva to increase membership sales and renewals, as well as increase the popularity of cardio among members.

Fitness Incentive
Located in a neighborhood surrounded by several other gyms, Fitness Incentive makes a point to differentiate itself from the competition. Read how Preva is helping them develop their marketing strategy, engage and attract exercisers, and manage their cardio equipment.

Wellington College
Serving over 2500 members, Wellington Health & Fitness Club serves both Wellington College and the local community. Learn how this facility reduces member cancellations, increase engagement and successfully communicates with members with Preva.

United States Air Force Base
The first Preva install for the military, Grand Forks Air Force Base set the standard for a state-of-the art fitness facility. Partnering with their IT team, base personnel use Preva to promote fitness for patrons and their families, as well as incorporating Preva into squadron challenges and tracking.

Magnuson Athletic Club
An early adopter of Preva, Magnuson recognized a need for equipment monitoring to better manage their assets. Find out how Magnuson uses Preva to optimize and better allocate their cardio equipment.