State-of-the-art software designed to personalize the fitness experience

Thousands of facilities worldwide utilize Preva® to provide exercisers with a personalized, goal-focused fitness and media experience proven to increase facility visits and retention.

Preva on-console software differentiates by helping you communicate with exercisers right on the console, manage your equipment in the cloud, and delight your exercisers with access to personal accounts and web-based entertainment.

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Designed for fitness results

The Preva experience exemplifies the Precor “fitness is foremost” philosophy –designed to enhance the workout experience without distracting. The strategically simple design of the P80 console provides a heads-up viewing angle allowing for proper biomechanics and posture during the workout. Features such as the optional web browser are only accessible to exercisers during workouts, ensuring your equipment is always used for fitness.

Proven to work for operators

With 51,000 networked units across 75 countries and more than 16 million workouts logged in 2016, Preva is the industry’s proven networked fitness solution. Preva provides operators with powerful communication and cardio optimization tools. Preva In-Touch and Feed Publisher allow you to send in-workout messages and custom content to exercisers, while Preva Asset Manager provides real-time equipment usage insights, trends, and reports.

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Engage exercisers with personalized experiences

Preva keeps exercisers coming back to your facility with a personalized workout experience, available through both networked Precor cardio equipment and the Preva Mobile app. With their data stored in the cloud, exercisers are able to set and track progress toward their fitness goals on your equipment, or while away from the facility with the Preva Mobile app. The Preva Token, an RFID enabled fob, gives them quick account access to start their workouts faster.