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Q: How do I get the Preva® Mobile application?
A: You can download the Preva Mobile application from the App Store or the Google® Play store by clicking on the images below.

Android app on Google Play

Q: Is Preva Mobile available for iPhone®?
A: Yes. You can download the application from the App Store. Currently, we support the iPhone 4 running iOS version 7, and newer iPhone and iOS releases. 

Q: Is Preva Mobile available for Android?
A: Yes. You can download the application from the Google Play store. Currently, we support most Android phones running version 2.3.3 (“Gingerbread”) or newer.

Q: Can I use Preva Mobile on my iPad or Android tablet?
A: While technically possible, it is not recommended. Because smaller devices are more convenient to carry during a workout, we have designed Preva Mobile to work best on phones.

Q: Do I need an account to use Preva?
A:  Yes. To save your workout information to the cloud, and have it available on Precor 880–line cardio equipment and in Preva Mobile, you must create a Preva account.

Q: Do I use the same account to sign in to both Preva Mobile and Precor 880-line cardio equipment?
A: Yes. Your Preva account can be used on both the 880-line cardio equipment and your iPhone. Using the same account gives you an easy way to track your Weekly Goal whether you’re at a fitness facility or on the go.

Q: If my phone has NFC (“bump” or “Android Beam” communication), can I sign in to my Preva workout on Precor 880-line cardio equipment using my phone and Preva Mobile?
A: No. Preva does not currently support this option.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?
A: On the Sign In screen, tap the “Forgot Password?” link. A pop-up dialog box requesting your email address should appear. Once you provide your address, you’ll receive instructions in your email for resetting your password.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive these instructions?
A: You should receive the instructions by e-mail within five minutes.

Q: What if I do not receive the instructions?
A: Try the following steps:

  • First, check your junk mail folder.
  • Next, if you have more than one email account, check the inboxes and junk mail folders in your other accounts.
  • Finally, if you can’t find the instructions anywhere, try tapping the “Forgot Password” link again.

Q: Can I just call Precor to reset my password for me?
A: No. For your own protection, only you can modify your password.


Q: Do I have to set a Weekly Goal to use Preva?
A: No. You can use Preva Mobile without a Weekly Goal. Preva will still keep track of the activities you enter manually, and you can still earn points and badges. If you do set a Weekly Goal, Preva automatically tracks your progress when you use Precor 880-line cardio equipment. You can also check your progress after you enter other sports and fitness activities in Preva Mobile.

Q: When I create a Weekly Goal, what’s the difference between a weekly workout day and a daily target?
A: A weekly workout day is a day of the week when you plan to work out. The Daily Target is the number of minutes, miles/kilometers, or calories that you want to complete on each of your weekly workout days. Your Weekly Goal is the Daily Target multiplied by the number of weekly workout days. For example, if you choose to work out four days per week, and you set a target of 300 calories for each of those four days, Preva sets your Weekly Goal to 1200 calories.

Q: How do I know if I’m on or off track with my Weekly Goal?
A: As you complete your workouts (by either using 880-line cardio equipment or entering other activities in Preva Mobile), the Goal Compass updates to show your progress compared to your Daily Target and your Weekly Goal. In the center of the screen, you see the Weekly Goal Summary. At the upper left you see your On Track/Off Track Status, which tells you how you’re doing compared to what you've chosen to do this week. You can also see how far ahead or behind you are. If you are off track, you can catch up by doing a little more each day, or by doing an extra workout before the end of the week (which falls on Sunday).

Q: Do I have to set a Weekly Goal each week?
A: No. When a new week starts, Preva automatically renews your goal based on last week. You can change your Weekly Goal at any point—some people want to keep the same goal each week, while others might want to raise the bar or set a different Target Metric to keep their routines interesting. Your Weekly Goal is up to you, and Preva will give you bonus points for meeting or exceeding it.

Q: Can I delete my Weekly Goal?
A: No. Even a modest amount of exercise is better than none at all. Instead of deleting your goal, find a goal that fits your schedule, so that you still have an objective to pursue each week.


Q: Why do some activities count toward my Weekly Goal but others do not?
A: The activities that count toward your Weekly Goal depend on the Target Metric you choose.

  • If your Target Metric is Duration, the minutes you enter for your activities will count toward your Weekly Goal.
  • If your Target Metric is Distance, the miles or kilometers you complete will count toward your Weekly Goal.
  • If your Target Metric is Calories, the calories you burn will count toward your Weekly Goal.

When you add an activity, you will see a reminder of your Target Metric (the light blue icon on the left). To get credit towards your Weekly Goal, you must enter the same kind of progress that your Target Metric measures.

When you add activities in the Cardio Equipment and Sports & Fitness categories, you can enter all three metrics: duration, distance, and calories.  When you add activities in the Strength and Body Weight Exercises categories, you can enter sets, weight, and reps. Activities in the Strength and Body Weight Exercises categories don’t count toward your Weekly Goal.

Q: Can I get credit for strength activities without entering sets and reps?
A: In the Add Activity section, the Sports & Fitness list includes “strength training.” To get credit for duration or calories burned from general strength training, enter your strength workout under this category instead of using the specific strength equipment or body weight exercise forms.

Q: Why is Duration the only metric that is required for cardio activities?
A: Preva awards points based on the duration of each cardio activity because all activities take time. We reward you with one point for every minute you spend being active.

Q: Why doesn't Preva Mobile calculate calories automatically?
A: Precor understands that this feature would be valuable, so we’re investigating it for a future release. In the current version of Preva Mobile, calories must be entered manually.

Q: Why doesn't Preva Mobile let me enter a date for activities? I forgot to enter a workout I did earlier this week / last week. Can I still get credit for it?
A: We want to encourage you to be up to date with your activity so that you can meet your Weekly Goal at the end of the week (Sunday). The Preva rewards system does not currently support historical data entry.

Q: How do I see the activities I've already entered?
A: On the Achievements card, tap “View Details” to see your activity and rewards for the week. In the upper right corner of the card, you can tap a specific day to see even more about what you did.

Q: Is all my workout information stored?
A: Yes. All of your information is stored in the Preva database. You can look at your Lifetime Totals at any time using either Precor 880-line cardio equipment or Preva Mobile.

If you are using …
Then go to …
And touch …
Precor 880-line cardio equipment
The Weekly Goal panel
Lifetime Totals
Preva Mobile
The Achievements card

Q: Oops!  I accidentally made a mistake and entered incorrect data!  Can I edit or delete my previously entered workout activities?
A: Unfortunately, no.  Activities added to your Preva profile via the mobile app cannot be edited or deleted.


Q: Where do I find QR codes to scan on strength training equipment? I don’t see any QR codes on the equipment in my fitness facility.
A: Preva Mobile reads only the QR codes available on the Precor Discovery Series Selectorized and Plate Loaded Lines of strength equipment.

Preva is part of the Precor family. The QR codes on Precor strength equipment provide a shortcut to the form to record your strength routine. If your fitness facility uses another brand of strength equipment, you can add strength activities by going to the Strength Equipment list in the Add Activity section.

Q: What happens if I scan a QR code?
A: If you scan a QR code using Preva Mobile, a special strength form appears. You can add sets, weight, and reps, and because we know you’re using Precor strength equipment, you’ll also see a demo video that includes tips and tricks for the specific equipment you are using.


Q: Will my home equipment automatically save my workout information to Preva?
A: Yes, some models of Precor home equipment will send your workout data (duration, distance and calories) to your Preva account automatically when you connect your iPhone to it. The models include the TRM 445 and TRM 243 treadmills and EFX 447 and EFX 245 Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer™. The Owner’s Manual for these models explains how to connect your iPhone.

Q: Will my home equipment automatically save my workout data to an Android phone?
A: No, Precor home equipment currently does not support this option. However, you can still enter your workout information on your Android phone manually—just start the Preva app and go to the Add Activity  section.

Q: Why wasn’t my Preva Mobile account automatically updated after I finished my workout?
A: To record the results of your workout, the Preva app must be able to receive them when your fitness equipment reports them. Be sure to connect your iPhone to the equipment and start the Preva app before your workout ends. 


Q:  Why doesn't Preva Mobile calculate my body mass index (BMI) automatically?
A: We allow you to edit BMI manually so that you can enter the information you get from an expert, such as your personal trainer or health care professional. We understand that calculating BMI automatically would be valuable, so we’re investigating it for a future release.


Q: How do I earn points?
A: Get active!

  • For cardio training, Preva awards you one point for each minute you work out.
  • For strength training, Preva gives you two points for each set you complete.

It doesn’t matter whether Precor cardio equipment reports your workout automatically or whether you enter it in Preva Mobile—Preva gives you the same number of points.

Q: How many badges are there?
A: That's our little secret. There are some badges that you earn for hitting important milestones, and you can see these in the Lifetime view on both the 880-line cardio equipment and Preva Mobile. But there are also special hidden badges that may pop up at any time—it's up to you to find out what they are, where they are, and how many of them there are. Preva already offers many badges to aim for and collect, and we're adding more all the time.

Q: Where can I see all of my badges together?
A: You can see all of your badges in the Badge Gallery. On the Achievements card, tap the Badges button in the upper right to open the gallery. Tapping on a badge will show you more detail. If your iPhone uses iOS version 6 or later, you can also share the badge with your friends on Twitter or Facebook from this detailed view.

Q: What do the levels mean?
A: Your points indicate your level of experience. Each minute of cardio training you complete earns you one point, and each set of strength training earns you two. Your total number of points give you a class and level ranking.

When you start using Preva, you are on Purple Level 1. As you continue to earn points, you advance through our class and level system. Each class has three levels, and the classes progress through Purple, Red, Orange, and Gold, to Master. In the future, these achievements will unlock special experiences for you—stay tuned!

Q: Can I cash in my points?
A: Points, classes, and levels represent your increasing mastery of your own fitness. But we do have exciting things in store for the future. Keep watching for future updates.

If you still have questions, please contact for more information.

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